Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicholas Alan

Hey there little man!

Mommy has been super busy and keeps pushing off getting yours and your sisters photo albums and scrapbooks together, so mommy has decided that starting this little blog here for you both will be the easiest thing to do! I still plan on getting photo albums together and scrapbooks of course! This is just a little easier for mommy to update everyone on how you are doing, what you are doing, and you little acomplishments, that way we have them to look back on.

Daddy just got re-stationed from 29 Palms, California to New River, North Carolina. We are waiting on base housing for a few months so were staying in an apartment out in town. You and Hailey are sharing room for the time but you are both so small and are really loving it! This might come back to haunt you but you are your sisters shadow! You follow her around everywhere and do everything she does! EVERYTHING! She has you saying goo goo, gaga gaga gaga litterally! Its absolutly adorable! Right at this moment you are playing on your little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse couch sliding down from our actual couch watching a show on NickJr called "Olivia". Sissy is laying on the floor watching also =) 

Well little man, mommy has to get lunch ready for you both. Mommy and possibly daddy a few times will do our best at updating this every week to watch you grow into a strong man just like your daddy!

We Love You Little Man

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