Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Begining to Talk


Little man is slowly starting to talk!!! You can wave to him and say "hi Nicky" and he will more then likely wave back a "hi" or this being guaranteed, I can call you or vise versa and he will say "hi" for sure. He loves talking on the phone. Also, randomly will little man say "tant too" aka thank you, lol.

Nick is getting so big! He is trying to mimic his sister in doing somersaults around the house by bending over and putting his head on the ground and wanting you to push him. He has it covered just needs to roll over and it would be perfect! haha. He really enjoys anything Hailey does with him, he follows her around everywhere and really looks up to her, even more when she sneaks the doughnuts off the counter and they eat the WHOLE bag! lol...crazy little munchkins!!!

Nick on the spot will give you a kiss if you ask him, I love it! We are teaching him how to blow a kiss however he would rather just give you one. Oh, and what a little lover!!! All he wants to do other then take a bath or play with his cars is love on you! He is really becoming more independent lately although always stays just so far away from his sister! lol.

Oh, I almost forgot!! It snowed here and this was your first time in the snow! The very first time it snowed you were sick so we showed it to you for 5mins. The 2nd time you played and didn't want to come back inside, you loved every minute you were out there!!!

Well that's about it little man, you are growing like crazy and learning so much. I can't believe you are getting so big so darn fast!!! Can't wait to see how you are with your little brother or sister =)

Updated pics from the last few weeks :-)

We love you little man

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